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Aly's Story

Aly’s restaurant and the Alebru Winery began as a shared dream. Our vision was to craft exceptional, small production, fine wines that are inspired by the grapes from which they are made. This journey then expanded to create a restaurant, Aly’s.

We wanted a restaurant that embraced a relaxed, nurturing environment with exceptional food. This restaurant is the latest expression of our vision.

Come enjoy the best of life: Good Friends, Good Food, & Good Wine. A fine dining family ambiance.


Filet – Photo Credit: Tenley Fohl Photography
Wild King Salmon
Wild King Salmon * Photo Credit- Tenley Fohl Photography

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Aly's Menu

We are pleased to serve you 100% Local Organic Produce, Natural Grow Meats, and daily delivered Local Santa Barbara Fish Market Seafood.

From our Chef Tasting Menu, to each Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert you will savor each bite; thus creating a moment where time will slow down, wine will be luxuriated in and good conversation will be had.

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